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    Therapy for Life Transitions

    Are overwhelmed by the struggles of life?

    Does it seem or feel like you are just going through the motions?

    Are you struggling to find your purpose?

    Have you tried to solve the struggles in your life on your own and realized you still feel stuck?

    Let’s face it, life sucks sometimes!

    Even with our goals and what we hope for the future it doesn’t always go as planned. We are sometimes stuck feeling lost, unsure, or that everything is falling apart. We may question who we are, what is our purpose, what do I do now, and even question the very foundation we have built.

    With transitions comes change and adjusting to new circumstances you may be experiencing.

    These transitions could be:

    • Education Transitions
    • Transition out of Religion
    • Loss
    • Career Changes
    • Sexuality
    • Relationship Changes
    • Exploration of Gender

    Transitions can cause pain and hardship but they also bring potential for greater things.

    My goal is to support you through life transitions of all kinds. With compassion and gentle challenging, I can help you through these sometimes challenging and overwhelming transitions to your new opportunities and possibilities.

    I consider it a privilege to share someone’s journey that transitions from just surviving to thriving.

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